Subscription account - two year deal - SketchUp Pro

I originally bought SKU Pro 2018 and, though the Maintenance and update subscription I am running SKU Pro 2020.2.
With the introduction of the subscription account, I took advantage of the discounted two year deal. and have received a sack of welcoming emails - all non reply - and an invite to download SKU Pro 2020. Aided by Aaron’s guide video, I downloaded the SKU Pro 2020 but I didn’t get the screen that Aaron had.
I get the installer shown attached and this loads the SKU suite into the Applications area and the SKU file opens as normal. I don’t get the option of selecting English (my preferred option) I get Italian. I can live with this but I can’t find how to change the language. My original purchase of SKU Pro 2018 was in November '18. Maybe the existing Maintenance contract is still running and this is overriding something. Anyone able to help please??? Thanks.

You did not need to reinstall SketchUp, just signing in would have activated the subscription. You also didn’t need to migrate until February. 2020 is your current active license, and still has support until Feb 4th 2021.

Could you show the Aaron video? Maybe it needs to be updated.

I just remembered something. Aaron showed the install process for 2020.1, which did use an installer, and you could pick off individual languages. With 2020.2 all language are included, and you use the system preferences to choose which language to show.

See this post, that shows the right preference setting. You add SketchUp to the list, and then choose English from the drop down menu:

Fantastic, thanks for solving the language problem.
For the SKU Pro programme, I’ll just carry on and it will jump in seamlessly, I guess.
Thanks again, Ken

His classic license and old software is good forever. He can always go back, despite your false claim.

SketchUp allows you to save back to old versions. There is no chance of losing work, as you imply.