Unable to add classic license to sketchup 2020 - inputfields missing

After downloading & installing pro2020. The welcome screen/add license screen gives following errors (screenshot).

Another bug : I tried downloading (3x now) the english version, but keep getting the french one.

The new installer file contains all languages. When you start to install the default selected language will be same as you OS lang. Right click on the installer file and choose Run as Administrator, then chose “Repair” . Deselect the french one when you are there…

Edit: Oh just realized you are on MAC… should be something similar there…

thanks for the reply. My default language MacOS setting is dutch…

check ~1:30

All languages are included, it looks for the settings in System Preferences-> Language and Region.
You can overrule them in the Apps tab.

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During install I don’t get these options.
When I dubbelclick on the .dmg file, the file is verified by the OS (waiting bar).
After that I can only drag de files into the application folder to finish the installation.
I never get the “Sketchup dubbel-click-to-install” window.
instead I get this :
Schermafbeelding 2020-11-17 om 15.20.26

What dezmo showed applies to 2020.1 but not 2020.2. What Mike showed is of general interest, but does affect SketchUp.

Next to what Mike shows is an Apps tab. Go into there, add SketchUp to the list of apps, and then you can set the language that SketchUp will use.

I’m not sure if it will fix the error you saw.

Have some patience and wait for the whole GIF to play…


You saved the day!
language is set to english AND I was able to enter my license !!

thanks a lot

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