SubD keeps crashing or at least getting an error

Not sure what I am doing wrong, even with an entirely empty space, I create a quick square, select it and create a group, the “toggle subdivision” icon lights up so I click on it and I get “Oops! An error occured…” I cannot seem to get this to work even when there is nothing else in the scene. Not sure if it is conflicting with other plugins or what may be the case. Any thoughts? Hate to have to uninstall everything else just to see if this will work… may have to though at some point.


It sort of resolved itself… there may have been a conflict with an older version of TGI3D’s Amorph. I installed the latest update of that and now SubD is working quite nicely.

Hm… yes, that rings a bell. I think the older version of their extension made modifications to the SketchUp Ruby API which in turn broke a bunch of extensions. This was reported back and by the sound of it a fix is now released - which is good to hear.

Hopefully everything else if working fine now?

Btw, there is a good amount of example images and video tutorials on the Facebook page for SUbD: Redirecting...

Good place to start for references on getting started.