Sub Assemblies

I have a model of a shop building that contains sub assemblies of components such as sidewalls containing 2x4 wall studs, upper and lower plates and cripples. how do I separate them into how many sub assemblues, how many wall studs, how many plates, etc.

Hello Emmett,

Kindly share the model so we can offer advice without guessing.
Allowing us to work with it will definitely save everyone’s time and patience.

• If it’s <3MB, then upload the model when you reply to this topic.

• Files >3MB can be shared at the 3D Warehouse or via a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
Then simply post the link to the file in your reply to this topic.

Your profile is incomplete so we don’t know, for example, what version of Sketchup you are using.

Also, when you say you have a model, do you mean a Sketchup model or some other? If you already have sub assemblies, they will already be separate, but I suspect that is not quite what you meant. Perhaps you mean how to interrogate the file to create a schedule?

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shopexpansion-r1.skp (689.3 KB)
its 2015 sketchup

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Please expand on this statement. Your model has several examples of nested components, which is how one normally organizes SketchUp entities into subassemblies. So, seeing as you appear to be doing so already, I don’t know what more you are seeking…

Funny. It opened as a SketchUp 2017 file.

If you get rid of the unnecessary component nesting, you could use CutList to identify parts by sub-assemblies.

explain unnecessary component nesting please! that is the issue I am faced with in cutlist.

the shop computer only allows 2015 sketchup so I save it as version 2015 when working on my office computer which has 2017 installed. So I treat the file as a 2015 sketchup file.

when can you reply? I upload the model you requested.

Probably means that Cutlist can only deal with a limited number of levels of nesting. I don’t use it so cannot say.

Outliner shows that you have at least 3 levels of nesting:

You might have to move the lowest level to the next level up, perhaps. Worth a try unless someone who does use it can say for sure (@DaveR?).

how do I move the lowest level up?