How to separate models by components

I am new to sketch up. Looking for advice. Using sketch up models for Chief Architect. Many models in 3D Warehouse comes in packages, bundles like kitchen cabinets, closets etc. How can I separate those groups by individual pieces and save them to use in Chief Architect?

Double clicking on a component or group will open it for editing, then you can select a particular object and copy/paste into a new sketchup file. What file format do you need to have for sucseful import?

Edit: did a bit of googling to see that CA appears to import .skp files directly so you will just need to save from the web to your local disk, no conversion necessary it appears

Thank you for the response . CA import SKP files. What happened is that all cabinets will appear as one component and i cannot separate them

Sounds like a question for the CA forum. I suppose you could import the models into SU then open or explode them to separate what ever grouping the model is in then import them to CA after you have separated them.

Yes well you need to open the file in sketchup first and pick out only the thing you want. Copy / paste that into a new sketchup file then import that new file to CA.

Sounds like once it’s in CA it’s locked so you need to do your separating in sketchup before importing


Thanks, ill tray it ) Takes time to do that

Yeah, it sounds clunky, I don’t know CA perhaps there is a way to separate there, but as said that’s a CA forum question. Good luck.

I see you are using the web based sketchup free. If you are doing lots of copy pasting and creating many local files on you might look into downloading sketchup make17 to your computer.

I find it’s often easier to draw my own models built the way I need them for the use than it is to fix what someone else has drawn. Maybe that would be the situation in your case, too.

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