Importing Sketchup drawing into another

Is it possible to import one SketchUp drawing into another?
I have drawn the layout of an apartment and separate drawings for the kitchen and bathroom. I’d like to be able to import the kitchen and bathroom drawings into the main apartment drawing. Is this possible?

File>Import. Set the file type to SKP, select the file.

Or even a copy paste.

Also, just as an option, if you create parts within a model as components you can context click on those components allowing you to “save as” that component as a discreet skp file which can then be imported into another model. This can be handy if at times you don’t want the whole model imported, or subsequently only want to bring a part of another file back.

An alternative to Save as… is to open the secondary pane in the Components window and set it to the collection folder and then drag and drop components from In Model.

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