Importing SketchUp models to an assembly drawing

I am having a problem when I import sketchup drawings to an sketchup assembly drawing. If I have changed the item just prior to import it will import the old version. The way I have gotten around this problem is to create a new drawing of it then import. Also, I have made drawings of cabinet doors where I have created the dimensioned pieces on that drawing that are accessed by clicking in the upper left hand corner. When I Import this it imports some of the detailed pieces as they would appear in the assembled door, but leaving some out. How can I work around this problem. I use the final assembly drawing to make sure every thing fits. This works very well but it is a nuisance to have to create new drawings.

I’m having a difficult time understanding what you are doing exactly. It would be interesting to see a live example of your original SketchUp drawing and the assembly drawing. Can you share a couple of SKP files.

FWIW, I create plans for furniture using SketchUp but I don’t create an assembly drawing that is separate from the original model. it’s all done in the same SU file. Since every part is a component, an edit to one part in the assembled model gets carried through to all other views of the part automatically.

Like DaveR, I’m at a loss as to why you need separate files for the piece parts, unless these are standard details that are used on many next assembly models, but if that were the case you’d be better off setting up standard detail libraries and bringing them in as components through the Component browser.

I hope it’s obvious that you have to save the item to disk before you import it, or you will indeed get an older version. Still I really question your basic work flow, which introduces the opportunity to bring in the wrong version.

I have no idea what that means. I suggest that you focus on communicating clearly and avoid assuming that whomever you’re talking to already knows what you’re talking about.


I think he is referring to something we know as X-referencing.

Just an assumption though.

I am creating cabinets for my kitchen. I create door assemblies and
separate cabinet assemblies in their own models. I then import them to a
final kitchen assembly. Doing this lets me know if everything fits. This
has been working great until now. For some reason it is now not importing
the complete Assembly. Is it possible that I need to reinstall Sketchup.
Thanks for your input

Dave, I doubt it is something that needs fixing with reinstalling SketchUp. It would be interesting to see your kitchen model and the way you have your collection of cabinets and doors organized.

If there’s interest, I might suggest a different approach to doing the entire kitchen layout.

I have been working with Sketchup for a number of years and have not had
problems in the past. The problem with it importing incomplete assemblies
just started. I am always open to new ideas on how to do things. However, I
have all of the individual assemblies done and now would not be a good time
to start over. I would however, be interested in your ideas for any future

Thanks, Dave

I have not seen anyone post here that is omniscience so they would have to try and replicate your failure, but many earn a living also so IHO give them a break and post you model if possible other wise I would not even attempt to answer.

First, I do think there’s some bit of missing information about your kitchen and cabinet models. There’s something we don’t know yet that is the key to solving your current issue.

If I were doing the layout for my kitchen, I wouldn’t create the cabinet models in separate files. i would create them in the kitchen and I would likely only draw one which would get copied and modified as needed to make the rest of the cabinets. All cabinet parts would be components and parts that are identical from cabinet to cabinet would be instances of the same component. For example, all the case sides for the base cabinets would be instances of the same component. The only reason I might separate any of them and make them unique is for a dress end which might be made from a different material.

I would make any modifications to the cabinets within the kitchen model. I don’t see any benefit to creating individual SKP files for each cabinet but if I was going to do that, I would reverse the process from what you describe. I’d still modify in the kitchen model and save out the changed cabinet components. working as you describe just seems like too much work to me and prone to errors.

If you’re thinking of creating cutlists for the cabinets, that can be done directly from the kitchen model and you can sort the cutlist by assembly if you find that useful.

There’s more but maybe that gives you an idea.