SU2024 Cursor over tray is not pointer

I’ve recently upgraded to SU2024 and notice that when I move my mouse over a docked tray it changes to the margin modifier rather than staying as the pointer. This makes it difficult and confusing to select buttons and fields in the tray. I’m sure this is just a minor bug in the update and an easy fix. Attached is a photo of my screen since I can’t take a screenshot and keep the mouse in position. Note that I’ve seen a similar topic referring to this issue and suggesting that re-sizing a menu changes it back, but unfortunately this fix does not work for me.

You can try double clicking the title bar to undock and then double clicking to redock the tray. Or, drag the tray from the docked position and drag it back using the onscreen arrows.

Thanks James for the quick reply. You are right the undocking and redocking methods works. The pointer returns to an arrow.
I hope the issue can be fixed though so these extra screen movements are not required.


This is a known issue listed in the 24.0.1 release notes.

If you use tabbed trays, you can also switch to another tray tab and back again to reset the cursor.