Lock Tray Tab in SU 2018

Is there a way to lock tray tabs so they can’t be dragged and undocked? If I’m working fast and clicking between model, scene and then on a tray tab, so often it undocks the tab. I’m sure I’m causing a slight drag with the mouse but it’s so annoying to have to keep re-docking the tab! I like my tray to remain open, so I don’t want auto hide on.

A double-click on a tray caption bar will undock it.
Another double-click on the floating tray’s caption bar will redock it.

A “Lock tray” option on the tray’s right-click context menu may be a beneficial idea.

There is no current option, but I’d suggest moving this thread to the Feature Requests - SketchUp Community category.

Appreciate the response, Dan. I’ll make sure to move the thread to feature requests.

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Yeah I second this option.
When I am dealing with larger models where there may be some “lagging”, I often find that I’m dragging my trays out when trying to change from one to the other.
Gets a bit tedious.

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