Mouse cursor does not change back to arrow after changing the height of a tray dialog

When opening SketchUp 2024 in Windows and then you change the height of for example the Tag dialog in the Standard tray, the mouse cursor does not change back to the arrow when hovering over the standard tray.

Mouse cursor over tray before changing height:

Mouse cursor during height change:

Mouse cursor after height change does not change back to arrow:

Only once you enable Auto-hide and then disable it again on the tray, the mouse cursor icon shows again as expected.

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I see that too. If you grab the tray, drag it and then re-dock it the arrow is restored. Maybe a little quicker… Selection in trays still works even when the cursor icon is stuck.

Yes, it is not a major thing, just a bit strange.


I reported this already but it likely will not get a fix 'til next update.

I have custom tabbed trays and simply switching to another tray restores the arrow cursor.

Good hint, thanks. I also had tabbed trays in SU2023 and will add them now as well in SU2024 - to restore the cursor.