SU2018 modifies Default Style Hiddenline to include Section Fill - Can this be undone Globally?



Hi all,

In SU2018 Section Cuts with auto Section Fill were introduced “YAY”!
However, it appears as though the Default Style “Hiddenline” has been modified so that Section Fill is automatically “ON” (Whereas “Hiddenline” before SU2018 would have no section fill, obviously). This means that for all models and their associated layout drawings that utilize the “Hiddenline” Default Style, the way Sections Cuts are displayed now is significantly different to before SU2018. We have thousands of components/models that use the “Hiddenline” Default Style, and we can’t suddenly start producing drawings with different visibility settings.

Is there a way to change the “Hiddenline” Default Style globally (change the Default Style file if it exists) so that it is consistent with all previous versions of SU? Or do we have to open every model and Switch away from the “Hiddenline” Default Style to a modified/custom style. (Creating the modified/custom style is not the issue, it’s applying it to thousands of models that will be time consuming)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




You could edit the style to turn off Section Fill, update it and replace it in the Default Styles. Is that what you’re after?


Hi DaveR, thanks for the response. I understand the first part of your instructions, “edit the style to turn off Section Fill, update it”, but I’m not sure how I would “replace it in the Default Styles”. Is there a folder where the Default Styles are stored? I have looked for this but can’t find it. It’s not that I want to change the “HiddenLine” style in just 1 project, I want to change it for all projects that we ever work on again. When I say change, I mean, revert back to what it was in SU2017. Many thanks, James


There is a folder but you don’t need to go looking for it. Open the secondary pane in the Styles window. Little button below the X in the upper right corner of the Styles window. Set one to the Default Styles and the other to In Model. Then drag the style you edited and updated from the In Model to the Default Styles.

Then you should make that style part of your template. Set up the style the way you want it in a new, empty SketchUp file. Then use File>Save as template to save it. Make sure that you have it set as the default template and when you open Sketchup the next time, that style you set will be the active style.

You should still save it into the Default Styles or somewhere so you can easily return to it if it gets edited in the model you are working in.


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