SU won't run with Rtx3080Ti but Integrated

Hi Guys,
I recently bought Asus Studio ProArt laptop, I’m a designer and mostly use SU and Adobe.
I9 12900H - with Integrated Intel Iris Xe
64GB Ram
RTX 3080Ti
Windows 11Pro

I use Sketchup 21…

My question is, in the Nvidia Control Panel, for SketchUp I selected Nvidia GPU, and I did the same from Graphics Setting in Windows 11and I checked from preferences panel in SU, it shows 3080ti, but when I run SU, if I check the Task Manager Performance, I see it uses mostly the Integrated gpu.

I still have my existing Asus Rog computer and it has GTX970 with i7 6700HQ , 32GB RAM, windows 10 home. And I run the same complex scenes in both laptops, and they are almost having the same performance…

Why do you think it happens? Is it related to the processor or operating system?

What would you advice me in terms of increasing the performance of my new laptop?

Many thanks for your help,

SketchUp currently relies heavily on CPU processes, not a great deal is done by the GPU, which is probably why you aren’t seeing much difference.
That’s not to say there is no difference, but on a complex scene the bottleneck is usually CPU bound.

Thanks so much for the reply, that’s not good to hear because the other computer Asus is selling, Rog Strix has i9-13980HX with rtx 4080 with a lesser price. I preferred this one because of its simple look and the Graphic Card.

Do you think i9 12900H is a good chose then? I’m not sure the return policy of the company, but should I chose the other one.

I’m really confused now. : (((

Thanks so much for your help,

That’s a good CPU on the whole for SketchUp and you’ll probably be able to go further before things become unworkable with a better processor.

I don’t think you’ll feel much difference paying even more - but if things are feelins slow there are probably some better practices you can apply for how you make a scene in SketchUp.

You’ll also want to make sure you are using the correct version of SketchUp 2021 is not supported on Windows 11 - also newer versions generally perform slightly better on the whole

Many thanks for your advice. I use SU21 on Windows 11pro, so I should upgrade it to the latest one.

Really appreciated,