Bad performance on a good computer

First of all, sorry for syntax problems in my texts. I’m Brazilian and my english is not good. I’m using google translator to help me write.
Let’s go to the problem:
I have two computers recently purchased. Here are the technical specifications of both:
1- Computer i7:

  • Intel Core i7-7700 Processor
  • RAM corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200Mhz 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Fatal1ty motherboard Asrock Z170 Gaming K4
  • NVIDIA QUADRO M4000 Video Card
  • SSD Kingston SUV400S37 240GB
  • Power Suply XFX PRO750W 750W Real
  • OS 8.1 64-bit

2- Computer i5:

  • Intel Core i5-6400 Processor
  • RAM Hyperx Fury DDR4 16GB 2133Mhz (1x16GB)
  • Motherboard ASUS H110M-D
  • No video card
  • SSD Kingston SUV400S37 120GB
  • Power Suply Dr. Hank PH-500B 500W Real
  • OS 8.1 64-bit

The problem is: The difference between machines is in rendering using V-Ray. In this case the i7 is much better. But both computers have the same performance with SketchUp Pro 2016 x64 when handling projects (rotate, add or remove blocks, etc.). And this performance is not good.
You should imagine that i5 cost well less than half of i7. I am very frustrated with this situation.
Please help me. Maybe it’s some configuration or is there no way to improve Sketch performance?

SU - as more or less all 3D modelers - runs modeling operations on a single core of the CPU only.

The i5-6400 has a single thread rating of 1,831 PM points, the i7-7700 of 2,356 PM points ~29% faster… nothing you will notice as a big performance boost.

no good and not covered by the SU system requirements.

So the performance is apparently the same on both CPU’s?

But the performance of this computer without a video card is the same as that of a computer that has an NVIDIA QUADRO M4000. That’s strange. The performance I say is when manipulating the project (rotate, add or remove blocks, etc).

see above.

that’s not strange but already elaborated above, modeling operations are calculated by one (1) kernel of the CPU, the 3D display output incl. screen transformations (pan, rotate, zoom, ) by the GPU (OpenGL).

Okay, I got it. But in the laboratory tests, in the screen transformations (I opened the same project in both computers and I ran the pan, rotate and zoom test) there is no gain in performance on the computer that has the video card.

Not sure but I think that SU does not use the video card to render much

But VRay us using the Quadro but I am not sure that SU is designed for Quadro (workstation cards)

-I think it is maybe made for standard video cards so is not optomised

depends on the model size of course (“Window > Model Information > Statistic > Whole Model”).

enable the accelerated 3D display output (= OpenGL) for the system with the Quadro in your SU2016 version at “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration”.

And, as your computer seems to be a laptop (the M in the graphics card type) also make sure that SketchUp uses your Quadro card instead of the Intel integrated graphics (about the same as your other laptop has). Go to the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings for SketchUp and set the “OpenGL rendering GPU” setting to point directly to the Quadro card. The default automatic setting doesn’t work. Depending on driver version the setting may look different, some versions have the selection as a separate popup menu on top of the page.


I didn’t see that there was an application specific dialogue in the NVIDIA panel.
Can anyone from the @SketchUpTeam team let us know what the best settings are? I’m facinated.

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This option is enabled

My computer is not a laptop and the GPU usage setting is enabled in that hardware acceleration menu

That’s a great idea! @SketchUpCommunityManager would help us a lot with this!

Except that ever since @AlexB left the SketchUp team, there has not been someone dedicated to that account. (Must be over a year now.)

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Too bad that happened. Will not we have feedback?

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On what ? This performance question has been asked and answered so many times over the years. There is no need for MORE feedback. The german distributor answered you specifically above.

Yes, we received some explanations and indicated some performance settings. But there’s still one question to be answered: I took the test to remove the GPU NVidia QUADRO M4000 from the i7 computer and did not realize many performance differences in screen transformations. Did not make up the investment in such an expensive GPU? Does this mean that the graphical instructions that are inserted in the CPU already give the best performace possible in the SU?

This question has been answered many times already on all the forums there have ever been for SketchUp.

The owners of SketchUp (@Last, Google, now Trimble,) never said that expensive high-end Quadro cards were better for SketchUp. That is Nvidia hype.

It has been established that the GTX cards give better performance at less cost, (and have drivers updated more often, and for longer lifetime) than the more expense Quadro cards.

You could have already found these facts by searching the forum.

No. It means that the Quadro card is no better than the Intel integrated graphics built-into your CPU.

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Forum searches:

Well there is a pretty specific post up there with a screenshot of the NVIDIA application specific settings.

My PC is full of GPUs for rendering in Thea and if they can be further optimised for day to day SU use then all the better :smiley:

I think you need a cup of tea @DanRathbun :coffee:

Maybe I agree…