I9-12900k sketchup compatibility

Hi all,

Recently I had a chance to update the computer hardware for my colleagues who are specialised in commercial interior architecture, the project size is always over 10,000 sq.ft with quite complicated modelling & material textures, and I was just checking with the latest intel core generation i9–12900k upgrade

Does anyone know this latest generation of i9 cpu (6 p-cores + 8 e-cores) would benefit or boost up the sketchup performance with the rtx3080 graphic cards? Most of our team use sketchup+enscape, and we doesn’t really know if this mentioned set up would give a smooth sync view when we are orbiting sketchup so as enscape,

Thanks alot!

There are more tech savvy people here who can probably answer better than me, but my experience suggests that the more powerful machine will help a bit with SU, not much with LO, and a great deal with rendering engines (assuming you have the right combination of processor, RAM, video RAM, etc). Simple reason is that the latter make full use of multithreading and SU/LO don’t.

In the benchmark I often look at, it has the second greatest single-thread performance of all available CPUs, with a trivial difference to the 12900 KF model. So it is about the fastest CPU for SketchUp use you can get. It depends on what you are now using whether the difference is noticeable. Usually trying to compensate for overly complex modelling practices with hardware upgrades is somewhat futile.

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