SU won't fulfill obligations of subscription

I purchased an upgrade to Sketchup with a one year subscription. It entitles me to an upgrade to SU 2019. However, when I downloaded SU 2019, I could not input my Serial Number (It wasn’t rejecting the number, I wouldn’t take ANYTHING). SU help connected with me and installed a temporary serial number, which expired in 30 days the same as a trial. They said to contact them if there was any further problem. I have made multiple contacts with them over more than a month with absolutely zero response. So what good is their subscription if they won’t honor it. I’ve got a trial version of SU 2019 that I can’t use.

That’s got to be aggravating! What are we paying for if SU’s support is nonexistent? I can’t renew my yearly subscription without paying the $60 reinstatement fee that was levied against my account before my 30 day grace period had expired. What’s also aggravating is when you send a message and all you get in return is a auto reply with a reference number that’s also useless. Hopefully you’ll get a reply from a super user that has a back door contact to help you. I don’t think the powers that be from SU monitor the community boards.

a perpetual SketchUp Pro license with 1 year maintenance (not subscription) assuming: be aware, that the serial number of an older SUP version won’t work, the serial number of the SUP version 2019 starts with an “U”. Don’t type in the license data but do a copy & paste instead.

What does “I wouldn’t take ANYTHING” mean? Any error message shown?

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Today SU support contacted me. Hopefully I will get this resolved. They indicated the problem was caused by a bug they are fixing. I will report back.