SU to LO reference issue


I’m having an issue I can’t seem to solve.

I made some LINE changes (I deleted some LINES) to a drawing in SU, but these LINES still appear in LAYOUT drawing even though they do not appear in SU drawing

(FYI I know to save file in SU after making changes in order to update file in LO.)

These lines (which I deleted in SU) still appear LO and are BOLDER. Please see screen shots highlighted in RED. I’m referring to the short, vertical, bold lines along angled retaining wall ABOVE contour numbers - 7 vertical lines along angled retaining wall.

I would like to share files, but I’m not sure which files to share. LO file and linked SU file? Linked SU file is referenced file so not sure if I should save this and send. CONFUSED!

Also I include a screen shot of reference file menu saying MISSING - see screen shot . I’ve tried to relink, but nothing changes in LO.

Any help is solving this mystery or direction in sharing correct files to help in solving problem.

Thanks! Please see screen shots here:

  1. Split screen shot showing SU on LEFT and LO on RIGHT. Note NO lines on angular retaining area on left SU file, yet showing lines, but bolder small vertical lines on LO file near elevation numbers area (bottom of shots).

  1. References showing missing files. Yet, when I open file with SU from LO it opens a specific file.

  1. Also, another issue, SU reference tray is alway cut off on right hand side not showing full tray here. So I can’t update the reference file. I know I can right mouse click to bring fly out menus to update reference, but this does nothing - does not update LO file after saving SU file.

Would anyone have a fix for this? Job is due to send in the morning here in California and I’m perplexed and have never had this issue before.

Here is LO file in case this might help. Not sure which SU file to share.

1093WCal 4.5.20 LO test.layout (1.2 MB)


This is what I see in the SketchUp model file for the scene shown in the viewport.
Screenshot - 4_7_2020 , 6_31_01 AM

And in LayOut when I turn off all of the layers except the one with the viewport.

Of course no guides because the viewport is rendered as Vector.

You have some lines on the Contour layer. The Contours viewport is locked and the exclamation mark in the yellow triangle indicates that viewport is not current.

Unlocking it allows it to render/update and those lines then go away.

With that updated and the New Construction layer turned back on it looks like this:
Screenshot - 4_7_2020 , 6_42_16 AM

More of the same lines showing in the Locked House viewport on the Trees layer.

Those lines also go away once that viewport has been unlocked and allowed to update.

I think you get the idea. There’s another locked viewport on the House layer that shows those same lines. And again on the LwrDeck layer. The viewport on the UprDeck layer is also locked and needs updating.

I also see that in many cases you have the same lines shown in multiple viewports. This will account for their thicker appearance and it can create other problems for you as well.

Once you unlock the viewports and let them all render, those short lines should all go away and it should look like this:

You should probably shift some of your labels to a layer higher in the list.As it is, the ones shown in this last image are on a layer under the one with the contour lines. Maybe that’s the look you’re after but I think I’d prefer the contour lines behind the text. You have those labels on UprDeck and the contours on the next layer up in the stack, Fence Line. You have the labels duplicated on the Labels layer so you could remove them from UprDeck.

As for the missing file references, I can’t tell enough from the screen shot and of course they would naturally appear to be missing when I open the LO file. Select the reference files and choose Relink to making them un-missing.

Is it odd that all your references are in “Application Support”?

That is odd, indeed. They shouldn’t be there at all. Good catch.

I don’t know the workings of a mac, but is that what you get by copy-pasting instead of inserting?

That might be. I think it used to show a temporary folder but maybe now it doesn’t.

Hi Dave

Thanks for your always helpful replies. I think I lost my way with LAYERS in this model and got confused a long the way not paying attention to the layer I was working on.

I supplied customer 3D renderings based on this plan and so I think I got confused during the whole process as it was one of the most challenging plans I have done.

I made changes based on your reply and all looks great now.

Thanks again for your swift reply.

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It kind of looked that way. At least on the bright side if you follow the “rules” for Layers/Tags in SketchUp, that’s not a problem there since you don’t need to chase the active layer. :wink:

Practice makes perfect. Or at least it makes better. You’ll get used to it.

One note on locking things. If you are going to need to make edits to the SketchUp model after you’ve started the LayOut project, refrain from locking viewports. Lock their layers instead. That way they will update without you having to go in an unlock them first.

Glad you got it looking good.