SU Pro shortcuts


I had problems with licensing Su and finally sent the computer in for repair. When I got it back, no shortcuts work. (There are only a few shortcuts entered in the list) When I press “reset shortcuts” nothing happens.
If I try to change, I get a message saying that the shortcut is already used by the Swedish version of SU that I don’t have.

Is there a way to import a standard shortcut list?

I’ve tried to change the list but when I start a new project it’s the same thing again.

well there is a reset all button, I assume you tried it ?

also, what you could try is to download the installer again, right click / run as admin, and choose repair there.

the swedish thing despite not having it installed is weird, I’ll give you that… are you even swedish / in sweden / on a pc bought in sweden (at least there would be a bit of logic) or not at all ?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I have tried the Reset all button.

As for the Swedish part, the technicians happened to install SU in Swedish first but they removed it and installed in English instead. Somehow there seems to be a conflict between the shortcuts in different languages… but I don’t understand how to solve it.
I have tried completely new installation and repair. Shouldn’t be anything left of any old SU.
Could it have to do with the windows system language?

maybe, but that’s the extent of my windows knowledge, my main machine is a mac, that one I can troubleshoot.

I’ve seen similar problems with the french version but the other way around : if you install in english then change language to french, the toolbar menu remains in english. could be a preference file that stayed behind and causes conflict

but my knowledge of where preference files for SU are located on a PC is more limited.
Someone else around ?

edit : I move the thread to SketchUp since it’s likely a bug or something similar.

@colin if you know who’s in charge of localisation-related bugs…

For testing other language on Mac, you can go into the language settings, and add SketchUp, and choose the language you want.

Windows is a bit harder, you have to add the language pack, and if you want Windows to do all the work you would need to set the system language and the region. It is possible to run only SketchUp in another language, then some things show up as translated, and some things would still be in English.

The file that stores shortcuts is at %LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\SketchUp\ and is called PrivatePreferences.json. Deleting that file ought to reset the shortcuts to the right ones for the language you’re using.

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