SU Pro & Mac Catalina 10.15.5 - Geometry disappears

Anybody else having this problem? I go to edit some geometry in a scene; go to another scene, then back to the original scene and all the geometry is gone… The scene is still there, but the geometry is just gone.

I haven’t seen this. Is it possible you can upload a SketchUp file that shows this behavior?

Articulating Desk_SU.skp (629.5 KB)

Note the CNC Parts scene - no geometry. Like I erase it, or something, but I didn’t.

You appear to have hidden the geometry. Try turning on View->Hidden Geometry and View->Hidden Objects and see if you find what you think you lost.

You also appear to not be using tags appropriately. All the geometry of the bracket is using the Bracket Tag, but only groups and components should be assigned tags. A hint at the issue may be seen from the fact that you have made the CNC Parts tag active. You should very rarely make anything except untagged active.

Edit: On further inspection, you appear to have edited the style used by the CNC Parts scene so that it now remembers hidden geometry but not updated the style. That may have cause the parts to seem to vanish.

Hum. Well I don’t remember doing that to the style when I saved the scene. But I guess anything is possible. Yes, I realized my use of Tags was wrong and I was trying to rectify that when I ran into the issue.

Shouldn’t I be able to Unhide the objects and they reappear? [I can see them when I select View>Hidden Geometry]

You can unhide them but you need to update the scene after doing so or returning to the scene will hide them again. Hidden Objects is a property that can and is normally saved with the other scene properties.

Screenshot - 6_4_2020 , 10_01_39 PM

If you change any of the saved scene properties but don’t update the scene to save those changes, you lose them the next time you select the scene.

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For those who may read this topic later: it turned out this issue has nothing to do with macOS Catalina. It is basic to SketchUp 2020.


Which version of SketchUp are you using?

2020 Pro.

I appreciate that, but all those boxes were checked. I’ve selected the View>Hidden Geometry and View>Hidden Objects and the objects come in “dashed”. And as you can see from the screenshot, I have Hidden Geometry checked. I can select and delete the objects, but that is about it. I have also made sure to Unhide All.

The hidden geometry is nested inside groups. You have to open a group for edit and then unhide the geometry. Edit->Unhide All works only within the currently open edit context.


What Steve said.

You might find it useful to get familiar with Outliner, too.

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OMG! How did I miss that? What a dumb, rookie mistake. @DaveR, I did notice Outliner had it grayed out too.

Gee guys, feel like a complete rookie here, even though I have been using SU and Layout for years.

I guess everyone is entitled to a brain fart every now and then - so I’ve had mine today.

Thanks @DaveR and @slbaumgartner.