SU PRO & LAYOUT vector mode problems with weird artefacts

Hi! When I’m switching on vector or hybrid mode in layout I see some weird lines on faces. So when I try to export PDF these artefacts can be seen too. The same problem if I try to export PDF from SU. The model has clean geometry. What can be the reason?

Can you share the LO file?

sent it to you as private message

I see a little of it but not as much as you are getting. Maybe @adam would have a thought.

It depends on the view point. From some point it will not seen at all, from other it can be seen more clearely.

You might try reducing the number of segments in the arcs used to model that.

In such case there will be a lot of work to fix all the segments in the whole model because what I sent is only 1 part. It will be more faster to delete these extra contours in Illustrator. But want to know why is this happening

I can’t tell you why. I pinged Adam so hopefully he’ll be able to look at it and see.

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Looks like it might be some sort of issue in our HLR renderer in SketchUp that is having trouble with something that is aligned with that face. I don’t have a lot of knowledge of how that renderer works, but both LayOut’s vector renders of SKP models and SketchUp’s PDF export use the HLR renderer for output. I’ve forwarded this post on to one of our graphics programmers to take a look at, but he’s about to be out on vacation.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,

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Something else to rule out, vector and raster have some math differences. Objects a long way from the origin may render the two differently.

Are your models close to the origin?

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Yes, my model is close to the origins

I’ve sent some part for you as a private message.

Thanks. Although I don’t yet see what is wrong with the two faces, deleting the inner faces and redrawing one line for each face, is enough to fix things in LayOut.

I don’t know. But while creating I was using SU solid tools because of some parts were almost similiar and I changed them for example making “union” with other parts, etc.

Just sent to you some more PDF example with this weird lines (dots) as a private message.

What I found right now. If I scale up my model for example by scale factor x10 there are no more any artefacts seen in LO. Looks like there is something connected with tiny faces in SU.

10x reduces the artifacts, but doesn’t get rid of them. Redrawing the faces, or exploding the groups, does fix it.

100x makes them not noticeable.

Strange, 0.1x also gets rid of them, and I couldn’t get them back after that, though it could have been the 100x test that cured them permanently.

you should agree that redrawing faces is not an easy task to do while talking about the large model.

I would say that it makes them not invisible at all as I exported it as PDF and then opened it in Adobe Illustrator to see in contour mode if there are some of these weird contours exist and didn’t find any of them.

I tried to scale 0.1x and it made artefacts number increased.

That was what I was expecting, but my 100x test may have fixed things too well. I will go back to your original test file, and try 0.1x with that one.