SU Pro 2023 closes after clicking template

HI all,

recently I’ve encountered an annoying issue with my SU Pro 2023.

I was able to launch my program after installing SU Pro version 1.340 for a few months. Since yesterday, the program closed immediately after I’ve clicked any of the template. furthermore, there is no bugsplat appeared whatsoever. I have added any plugins and was using the default settings all these while.

some folks recommended to fully uninstall and reinstall the program. I tried but still face the issue.

Anyone is able to find a solution?

I am using W10 22H2 build and updated my Nvidia Quaddon P520 driver to the latest ( Jan 24’ driver ).
My system is using 16GB RAM and HDD is 1TB.

any advice is appreciated.


Nothing has been changed except regular window updates. I have a few machines with the same specs and W10 build , but not facing the same issue

After it happened, I update the driver to the latest, thinking it will resove the issue. Unfortuantely, it did not help

I uninstalled and reinstalled as administrator as this is a company machine.

I logged off the user account and login as administrator to install

I wished i knew what has been changed but apparently there is no clue what is. There is no indication from the event logs I can find. Is there a SU logs i can read from and do some guesswork?

Is there a reason why I need to uninstall/install the program using the user’s profile , rather than logging off the user account, login as administrator and uninstall/reinstall the program?

Thank you for the option. I jumped the gun which is to uninstall the program and reinstall, without repairing it so as to save time.

you’re probably right it wont hurt just to repair. Considering the fact it needs time to repair the program. It would be great if it resolves the issue but the risk it would not work is still there. Hence, to eliminate the time to repair, I jump right in to uninstall and reinstall.

The point is, there is no real benefit to uninstalling and reinstalling if you aren’t using the Right Click Run as Admin option.
Being logged in as admin is different. You need to Run the installer as admin while signed in as User.

Thanks for the reply. Can help to explain why it is different to run the installer as indicated? I was told by my senior support to do the way I’ve mentioned.

Thak you for the link. Now I understand why it is so. I will try that. Hopefully it works