SU podium disc space issue

Hi all,

I’m having huge storage problems as of the moment I started using SU Podium as a render. It creates “geometry.dat”- files of over 500MB each!!
In the history of this forum, I found the topic below, from 3 years ago. However, the problem still exists as I’m running the program on a Windows pc.

Anyone any suggestions whether I can delete those dat-files? And also, what can I do to prevent the creating of those files?


Continuing the discussion from Sketchup plugins heavy on disc space:

That’s the actual data for the model that is needed to render.
A typical interior model full of entourage will easily hit 500mb.

If you’ve done your renders, you can delete those folders.

It will make them again next time you render that scene.

SU Podium V2.6 - How to change Podium’s default render settings (