Sketchup plugins heavy on disc space

Hello, I’m looking to get some understanding on the disc space used by sketchup/plugins in the back ground and whether the files being generated in the folder below are temporary files that can be deleted. (as it is rapidly using up space on my primary SSD)

the folder = c:\programdata\sketchup\sketchup2020\sketchup\plugins
folder size = 135GB
content = texture jpgs & geometry.dat
new content (around 1-5GB) is added to the folder each time I use Sketchup & is related to materials I’ve used in my models. I use Podium so this is most likely the plugin generating them.

Is this a Sketchup quirk or only related to Podium?
Is the content in this folder temporary & can it be removed?
Should these be automatically cleaned or is it normal to need to manually clear out this folder every so often?

That’s not ok! What version of Podium do you have installed ?
Better remove it and reinstall.


Once uninstalled, better repair SketchUp’s installation, too

Download installer, right click on it and choose ‘Run as Administrator’
When prompted, choose ‘Repair’

Then, install the right version of Posium


I have podium version 2.6
I have since found a thread in the SU Podium forum where someone reported the same phenomenon. The reply from the moderators indicated that this is normal and part of Podiums rendering process. To fix, the only solution suggested was to delete these folders as routine maintenance (or upgrade to a bigger SSD which I think is a bit unfair!). So it will be worth posting a development request to SU Podium. It took me ages to work out what was eating up my disc space and I think many wouldn’t realise this is happening in the back ground.


Podium has had some technical hiccups in the past. I’m not at all experienced in rendering, but I would probably see what other options there are out there.

Which extension hasn’t? It’s been there forever (since version 4)
If we all went looking for something different when encountering issues, it would be a lonely place, here.

Lol - 135 GB of background storage being taken up might be considered a bit more than a “hiccup” :rofl:

My entire asset library (models, materials, HDRI’s, etc) is only 23 GB. That’s a lot of space

edit: To be fair, obviously there needs to be verification that it’s a Podium issue, but it does sound like a rendering program using that storage

Well, there might be other factors that complicate stuff. I have never heard of this issue.
And we have a lot of podium users.
Maybe Windows has stopped deleting temp files, that doesn’t mean you have to start looking for another OS.

“c:\programdata\sketchup\sketchup2020\sketchup\plugins” isn’t a temp folder. The extension might have a bug in the version for one OS but not the other, if this issue isn’t seen on Mac.

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