SU Plants in vray


I’m trialing v-ray and also su plants. I ran a test but the plants are coming out very dark whilst the rest of v-ray looks ok. I’ve contacted su plants developers but not heard. Any ideas on this please?Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 14.24.39

What do those plants look like in SketchUp if you set the face style to Monochrome? Are back faces toward the camera?

Hi Dave,
It’s Pen here (had to set up a new login with my recent upgrade!)

In SU, all looks fine - all plants except the palm trees are from SU Plants

Hi Pen. Set the face style to Monochrome so the textures aren’t displayed and you only see front and back face colors.

Sorry Dave - I was too hasty!

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Lots of back faces exposed. Most renderers won’t render back faces even when textured. I believe Vray has a setting for this but it escapes me at the moment. You really shouldn’t have exposed back faces anywhere in your model.

Yes I had a feeling that you might pull me up on that! I’ve just done a quick test - reversing the faces on one plant and re-rendering but the result is still the same :frowning: Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 17.33.20

Unfortunately I need to leave it one of those who use Vray.

It’s hard to tell from that screen shot what’s going on.

It depends on what ‘trialing suplants’ means and the chosen plan

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Hi @mihai.s - I paid for the option to render…


From what I can see in your posts, your vegetation (except palm trees) is only made of 2d face me components, that seem to be proxies. You must have a parameter that allows you to render this vegetation in its 3d form instead of the proxies, but I don’t know suplants so I won’t be able to tell you where exactly

Also, check if your Vray version is compatible with suplants.

You should check their forum SUPlants Community Forum – Lets build this thing together!