SU model disappears from view when importing another SU model

I am attempting to upload a SU model into another SU model, but my VAV system disappears from view when I import the VAV component.
VAV Systems Configuration copy.skp (1.8 MB)

Did you create both models? Does each one open and navigate correctly on its own?

Yes, I created both models and each file will open normally on their own, but when I import the other model into the other, it makes the original model disappear from view. Below is the other model file.

Single-Duct VAV Terminal Unit.skp (201.7 KB)

You don’t suppose the vast size of this one has anything to do with it, do you?
Screenshot - 2_24_2022 , 5_36_39 PM

More than 327 KILOMETERS in the short direction of the bounding box.

I’m sure it does! How do I make the bounding box smaller?

The whole component needs to be reduced in size. How long is the box part of it supposed to be? It’s currently 552 Kilometers. You could resize it by measuring a known length on the thng with the tape measure and then entering the correct distance. After resizing right click on the component and choose Scale Definition.

Hmmm…I tried resizing with the tape measure tool (put in 20 ft) and it disappears from view?

Then you need to zoom in. Go to the Camera menu and click Zoom Extents.

When I open your file the camera is at more than 3800 kilometers from the model. That’s like the distance between London, England and Gander, Newfoundland. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be able to see something that is 20 feet wide at 3800 kilometers.

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HAHAHAHAHA!!! The Zoom Extents feature worked. I’m about to try importing the smaller model now. Thank you for helping this newbie :slight_smile:

Omg! It worked! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!

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Contrary to what is often said, you cannot see the Great Wall of China from orbit with the naked eye. The international space station, for instance, orbits at about 240 miles.


Or 386 Kilometers or about one-tenth of the distance between London and Gander.

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So zoom extents brings your model back into view?

It could. It could also make your model seem to disappear. It zooms the camera to show the extents of the model space that contains entities. If you have some tiny edge segment or a stray text entity that is many miles from the rest of the model, it may look like your model has been deleted even though it hasn’t.

Have just tried it and it works👍 Got into a panic few weeks ago space mouse was acting up and model completely disappeared five minutes on scroll wheel and eventually got it back into view, wish I’d known about zoom extents then. Learn something new every day👍

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