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I directed a friend to SU Free (online version) to enable him to produce some simple drawings. He then tried to send them to me so that I could produce PDF files. What he actually sent appear to be text files unrecognized by my system (I am a Pro user).

Does anyone know how he should have gone about sending files to me? I don’t know much about free SU versions.

What file type did he send you? If he used File>Save, he should have gotten a file with the SKP extension and should have sent that to you. You should be able to open it with no problem. If he sent you a SKP and you can’t open it, the transporter scrambled its atoms and didn’t put them back together again. (Bones was always worried about that. :slight_smile: ) Have him try sending it again. Or have him put it in a zip file and send it that way.

@DaveR, you weren’t anything to do with Delphi in a past life, were you??

I corrected my post as you were typing as I got the name wrong. My friend was using the online version and I believe that normally saves to the cloud. I don’t know exactly what he did in trying to send a file or how you should go about it, but clearly what he did looks wrong.

I have suggested that if his drawing is in Trimble Connect, he should be able to give me access, like any other online storage facility. I presume that is right though I have never used Connect.

No. Why?

Yes. He should be able to share it with you if he’s saved it to TC or he could upload it to the 3D Warehouse and give you the link.

If he hit Save from the browser’s own tab, he probably got a webpage. He could download the SKP file to his computer, too.

I’ll get him to have another go I think.

BTW, was it Bones or Scottie? You can tell I’m no Trekkie!


It was Bones who didn’t like the transporter.

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However, @DaveR is usually a lot less cryptic than the Delphi oracle

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True enough but the scope of his wisdom seems almost as great. I’m tempted to call him Omphalos from now on!:smiley:

Like so:
Folder>Download>.SKP file
Worked for me here.
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Yes, that looks straightforward enough. I wonder if my friend chose the STL file format by mistake. I’m not sure what that is.

STL is for 3D printing. It’s what you open in the slicer software that drives the printer.

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