SU Make 2017: Bug Splat when exploding a component

I have a component that I can’t explode (or copy and paste outside the component) without resulting in a Bug Splat. I’ve tried exporting the model to an STL from within the component (which is the ultimate goal), but the STL is flawed and won’t open in other programs.

track units.skp (6.7 MB)

Before anyone asks: I’m not interested in spending a thousand bucks on Pro just to export this one model, nor am I interested in using the laughably-underwhelming browser-based version of SU Free.

PC specs: Windows 10.0.18362; Intel Core i7 9th-Gen; 16Gb RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti; Sketchup Make version 17.2.2555 64-Bit

Other than scaling the definition I don’t see any problem with your file as it is. I exported an stl and there was no problem with it.

I expect the Bug Splat is due to some very small geometry at the given size. I scaled the component up and it exploded with no trouble.

Thanks for checking it! I can explode it at 10x the required size as well, but then when I shrink it back down to the size required for printing, it Bug Splats again. This is a scale model that has to be consistent with other models in the same scale, so it has to be exportable at the designed size.

First of all, there’s no need to explode it before exporting the .stl file so if all you want to do is print it, just make the file export. Second,.stl files have no units. If the slicer software will let you set the units (most slicer software does) then you could make the model with the units in Meters and export it. Then import the .stl file using millimeters as the units and it’ll work fine.

Here I’ve scaled your model up by 1000x. Note the dimensions in the window.

And exported an stl which I uploaded to the slicer after specifying millimeters.

When I model for 3D printing I model with units set to Meters and select either millimeters or inches as appropriate in the slicer. I never scale my models down before exporting. Unfortunately there are some slicer applications that don’t give you the option to set the import units.

So, the STL export gives me a series of errors, and then the STL turns out to be corrupted and unprintable.

I also can’t make this part out of scale, because it’s for public consumption. I don’t want other users to have to rescale it in their slicer.

The thing is, I regularly make models at 1/6 of the scale of this one, and I rarely encounter such a persistent error. I’m guessing I’ll have to rebuild this part from scratch, if Trimble doesn’t have a solution. I’ve submitted a bunch of Bug Splat reports and have never heard back from them, so I assume I’m on my own in trying to resolve this.

Must be a difference between exporters, then. I used the native one not the extension but that didn’t come in until SU2018.

Since you are selling your models you need to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. SketchUp Make and SketchUp Free are not licensed for commercial use as you are using it. That would get you the more robust exporter, too. Do you need to tell the users whether the model is in inches or millimeters?

You probably do need to redo the model. You might try the .stl export in SketchUp for Web.

By the way, please complete your profile. That information helps us help you.

Gotcha. There wasn’t a native exporter in SU2017, which is why I had to use the extension. I’ll see if maybe I can find another extension that is more recent and robust.

This is for a hobbyist group to produce models for wargaming in this specific scale, and not all the members are technologically savvy. That’s why I’m trying to make this as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

I’m trying to figure out on the licensing page how to purchase just SU2018 Pro. I’m wondering if that might be a solution, if that’s possible.

I know that there was no native .stl exporter in SketchUp 2017.

They aren’t selling licenses for SketchUp 2018 anymore. They only sell licenses for the current version which would be 2020.

Looks like you are pretty prolific on Shapeways and should have been using SketchUp Pro for a long time.

Okay, probably time to bite the bullet and go Pro then.


Yeah. For more reasons than one. Good luck.