SU Mac 2D text not recognizing variations in fonts


I just downloaded a new font that I purchased. But this problem exists for other fonts too. SU may or may not recognize variations in a font like thin, book, medium, bold, italics, light, titling etc. Or it cannot display a difference between Book, Roman, Medium and Light as in Avenir font. But it will show about 3-4 variations like with Ariel (Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic). My other apps do not have a problem with this. Is there a fix for this? I would like to use my fonts in SU.

The new font that I purchased has 13 variations available but SU will only display 2, even though I can select all 13.


are all 13 variants in the same format?


Yes, They are Open type and work fine in Layout.


in my own tests SketchUp seems to use the truetype and/or postscript variants inside a font collection and ignores the opentype…
is your font available as postscript only download?


I have a Mac and SU has a problem with showing both TTF and OTF


I also have a mac and have written font handling plugins for SU and I still can’t figure out what will and won’t work in 2D or 3D text…

A lot of the fonts [font collections] contain both otf + ttf, ttf appears to be the fallback for SU, some variants in a collection may only be otf, some only ttf…

it really is quite random, have a look in Font or or the Apple font tools found in xcode…

Supposedly, postscript fonts should fail, but work fine, go figure…

I’m looking at converting purchased font to utilise the full set, and at higher precision for 3D Text…



I can live with the problem now that I know it works well in Layout, but still seems odd for partial function for SU.