SU loses axis constraints after a while?

I’ve put up with this for some time but I thought I’d ask to see if anyone else has had this issue?

I started a model this morning at 9am, everything was fine except for the usual camera clipping thing. It’s now 11:12 and I just went to copy a line from within a group and it won’t constrain to the red axis its already on. I end up having to use a guide line to move it.

I run into this issue constantly and the only thing I’ve found to do is close SU and start it again.

Have you tried hovering over the axes origin to pick up the (red) axis again?

No. I’m waiting for it to happen again and then I’ll try that idea.

Are you operating inside an open group or component that has a different axis than the global one. What happens if you press the right arrow on your keyboard, does it lock? Can you show us a screen shot at least or better post the model here so we can diagnose?

I was copying a line on a wall so I could pull out a new wall. I was working inside a group.

This happens all the time but I can post this model and you can have a look if you want.e_fothergill1.skp (742.9 KB)

Once this behaviour starts, if I pick a group to move it. I can sometimes move along red but not blue or green or vice versa.

I always model in parallel projection as perspective is always looks distorted.

Which line are you working on? I see you are modeling with the camera set to parallel projection, this is well known to cause the clipping you mentioned. It’s best to model in perspective and use parallel projection only for standard views in documentation.

I was copying a line from the foundation to make the stairwell on the right hand side. I closed SU started it up again and it worked perfectly.

It’s been happening to me for years. Maybe its another parallel issue? I really don’t like working in perspective.

The thing is SketchUp is really designed to work with the camera set to Perspective. Parallel Projection is mainly intended for output.

Understood. You might get used to it if you tried, it is in fact easier on our eyes and brains as it’s the way we naturally process the world. But you are of corse free to do what you like, just know this is why you are seeing clipping, next time you get clipping you can cure it by switching to perspective.

Now about the loss of axis, it’s not normal what you are describing and I can’t reproduce it. Let me understand the steps you are taking. You are moving a copy of a line with the move tool and the copy modifier key? Or are you copying and pasting and move the pasted line?

Just doing ctrl move to copy the line.

I’ll wait until it starts doing it again and then I’ll go to perspective and see if that makes a difference.

Switching to perspective will cure clipping but may not solve the problem you are describing. Next time it happens try forcing an axis lock using the arrow keys.

Good luck Mr. Hatake

I use Eneroth’s unclip parallel extension when I get clipping. I just hit Z.

Dōmo arigatō

I find this the other way around, but to prevent clipping, you can better work in perspective, but set the Field of View to 5 or even 1, then. That way, you have your looks, but the camera won’t be moved to enormous distances what probably caused your issues in the first place.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.