Image clipping 2020

This seems to be an ongoing problem that sometimes occurs when new versions are released. But this time, the amount of image clipping when zooming in, is ridiculous. I constantly have to change the camera from perspective view to parallel projection to be able to zoom into a model. This effect very rarely occurred in SU2019
(MacBook Pro late 2018, 2,2Ghz 16GB RAM, SU2020.0.362.

Can this please be fixed…

@john_drivenupthewall ?

Kindly share the model which exhibits the problem.
I’ve yet to find a model with ‘clipping issues’ that didn’t have modeling issues.


SU hasn’t recently changed how it uses openGL so the same model should behave the same in v19 as it does in v20…

your graphics card driver may have changed how it uses openGL, but again it should be the same in any version of SU on the same machine…

this is meant to be the best ‘official’ resource on the issue…


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As John says, said another way.

Clipping Plane — SketchUp Sage

I think I seem to have figured out the problem. When checking the model before sharingTyberberg Hospital Roof Details Rev 7 SU2020.skp (12.2 MB) , I clicked the ‘Fix Problems’ button and ‘Purge Unused’ and voila … things seem too be a lot better, in fact, problem solved.

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Thank you John!

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There is a paid extension that fixes this issue, not sure why Trimble cant incorporate it?

With all due deference, there are larger issues.

A multitude of fractured (non-planar) faces.

Stray edges. Or as Mike Tadros calls them, Space Junk.

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