SU hangs on explode

Hi @SketchUpTeam,

I think I found another bug. This object with 44k faces hangs Sketchup when trying to explode it (cpu is running at 16% but nothing happens).

See attachment. hangs on (5.4 MB) 20.2.172.

System: win 10, SU version

It works for me. It took about four minutes on my machine though…
I don’t think it’s much of a bug, there’s just a ton of overhead associated with exploding 44k faces.

Oh ok, well it’s not really “work friendly” if it takes 4 mins to explode such a simple object. I’d understand if it took 4 mins for object with millions of polygons… But for 44k? :roll_eyes:

Hope @SketchUpTeam can do some optimizations to speed it up (and also use CPU multithreading).

Thanks for the example file, it gave me time to make a coffee, though the exploding ended up being a lot less than 4 minutes.

I timed it in the latest version of SketchUp that you have, and the latest that I have. In yours it was 90 seconds, and in mine it was 77 seconds, so no doubt some unrelated changes have improved things a bit. I can’t tell you a date for when you will be using the version I’m on! But, I will find somewhere to log a performance issue, with your model as an example.

One thought though, you can represent something in different levels of detail, and normally stop at a point where it is good enough. For example, I’m thinking of a number, which I will write as: π. Please reply with the full version of that value. I promise you will be using a later version of SketchUp before you finish typing.

For that example you would often get away with 3.14, be extra happy with 3.142, and delighted with 3.1415926. Following that analogy, here is a copy of your chair that looks much the same, explodes in 1 second, and is 462kb instead of 18.8MB.

doesn’t hang on explode.skp (450.9 KB)

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I did notice that my 462kb file had lost significant hole detail. Here’s another one that takes 4 seconds to explode, and is 1.8MB. It does have some gaps that need to be filled in.

also doesn’t hang on explode.skp (1.7 MB)

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Can you please tell us how (with which program, extension) you did it?

For the simplifying I used Skimp.


Yes, I use skimp also and that’s how I was able to work around this issue.

What I hope is that Sketchup would get better at handling high polycount objects. To get realistic looking models we often have to use highly detailed models, especially for upholstery and such. I use Skimp now to Simplify models I download from manufacturers but as you
pointed out it’s not always working that well and you are left with holes in the model, not to mention that Skimp plugin is not that cheap…

Before switching to sketchup I used to use high end 3D CG software like 3ds max, Maya and Lightwave and they are handling much bigger objects much faster so there’s clearly room for improvement …

For example - autocad explodes the same mesh in 10 sec., Blender on the other hand does it in a blink of an eye…

71 seconds to explode on my machine

After I cleaned up the model, exploding it took 43 seconds.

(cleaning took 18 minutes)

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