Need help exploding large model of derby

Hi, I have a very large model which i need to explode into smaller pieces so i am able to edit it. Can anyone suggest how to do this as my computer freezes when i try to do it, even though my computer is quite high spec. Or would anyone be able to explode it for me: :slight_smile: it has 105960 edges and 41700 faces…





Can you tell us a bit more about the origins of this model? Did you make it completely in Sketchup, or did you import it from a program like 3DS Max? Do you have components in the models, or is it just one object with no groups or components? I will need some more info if I am going to be able to help.


Is it really freezing or just slow responding?
Solving this type of problem with out having access to the model becomes a exercise in questions and answers. For example the post does not even show what your hardware configuration is. I could give a suggestions but I would be wasting my time if it would have to be for both MAC and PC.
The model is probably too large to post but it can be uploaded to a file sharing site like drop box or google drive and post the url here so we have access to it.
I question exploding is the correct approach because SU will self intersect at the native primitive level and you will wind up with geometry stuck together.
Here link to help on slow machine response.
In the mean time suggest you do the following;
Change your face rendering to monochrome, purge the model, purge unused materials, purge unused components; if you have used components / groups assign them to layers and hide them , in windows=> model info, components , components / group editing select the option to hide components and rest of model.
As you can see there are number of actions to be done and reason to post model .

Also ModelInfo > Statistics > Fix Problems (button)

Hi Mac7595,

Thank you for your post and comments, i managed to copy a layer at a time into another sketchup file to allow me to explode it on its own then paste them all back together cut down. Thank you for your help.