Sketchup crashes on explode

my file crashes when i try to explode the group

Do you know the size of the file? What about the number of edges of the group you are trying to explode?

how do you i know the number of edges

its 21,230 kb

edges are 255527 is it the problem

share the file if you can. drag it in the answer window, it’ not heavy at all.

I have a 10 million edges file open right now, and I can still explode groups.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-06 à 13.40.26

could you give us actual info please in your profile ? it would help us help you.
license is fine, SU version needs to be a… version number. You’re on SU 2021 ? 2021.1 ? 2022…?
Operating system… c’mon, mac or pc. windows 10, 11, mac os 12, 13…
Your graphics card is a nvidia. 3050, 2080, rtx, no rtx…

from what I see right now, you could have a brand new PC running the last version of SU or a 2015 imac running an older version. and the answers will kinda differ.

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im using pc windows 11 skp pro 2021 my the graphic card is gtx 1650, i cant share the file its more than 16 mb

test.skp (809.3 KB)

exploded fine… you have some hidden things inside your group.

you could try to repair your install. Download the installer again, right click on it; “run as admin”, and there choose repair.

please add this to your profile then. top right of the forum, click on your icon, then the silhouette and preferences.
Capture d’écran 2023-09-06 à 14.58.46

The file does crash 2021 and 2022. Whatever the cause was it was fixed in 2023.

I didn’t remove the extra strange objects, you can do that. Here is a 2021 format file, that is set to show hidden objects and geometry.

test-2.skp (819.4 KB)