SU Campus usage issues


I’ve been trying to watch some SU Campus videos and keep getting an error message:

I tried signing out and Campus gave this message:

Would anyone have any thoughts on this?


Which page were you on at the time?

I notice the bullet points within each lesson are greyed out rather being a red bullet point.

Other lesson I’m currently completing are active and have red bullet points

Thanks, I found cases that cause the error. I think it’s a variation of an ongoing problem that comes back now and then. A quick solution for now is to right-click on the video you want and open it in a new private window (or incognito window for Chrome). Press Option to see private window in the popup menu.


Thanks, but that didn’t work either.

Sends me to sign in page and still no option to open videos.

I think you must be doing something different to me. Normally the work around is to open the page while not signed in, but from your description I thought you had tried that.

For what it’s worth I was using Safari.

I tagged Tyson, and if I see him in the morning I will check what he thinks is going on.

Also, I I’m using Safari. I downloaded Chrome and signed incognito. Still get the same issue.

If you were saying that you signed in on an incognito window, that would still be different to what I was suggesting. When you get to a video, right-click on the link, then choose Open Link in Incognito Window.

As mentioned, when I try to sign out I get the OOpps!! Error page - preventing me from signing out. Until tomorrow!

Got it to work. I kept getting the sign in page upon opening link incognito. I close the sign in page and video started. Thanks

Yes, forgot about that. Very useful X in the upper right of that panel.

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