SU and LO dimensions to 0.5mm

Hi All,

I would like to ask if anyone else knows how to display the dimension lines in both SketchUp and Layout at 315.5mm per the DC options box.

Attached are the .skp, .layout and 2 x images.

I am a mm person so answers from mm people would help.


Wolfgang from NZ

DIMS TEST.skp (208.3 KB)
DIMS TEST.layout (361.3 KB)

The options are to the nearest millimeter or the nearest tenth of a millimeter. There is now precision setting for the nearest 0.5 mm in either SketchUp or LayOut.

Hi Dave, could you show me on the files how to set those up?

I thought I had already done those per the model info and document setup windows.


In SketchUp it is done in Model Info>Units. Choose the Display Precision you want. If you want the same setting for future models, do this for your default template and save it as a new default template
Screenshot - 11_22_2021 , 8_35_29 PM

In LayOut this is done in the Dimension Style panel, not in Document Setup. You need to have the Dimension tool active before you make the setting or select existing dimensions to change them. Again, you could do this for a custom template so you don’t have to do it again.
Screenshot - 11_22_2021 , 8_36_01 PM

Yep so I’ve done both of those settings exactly, however, when you throw the tape measure over them in both SU & LO, the dimension doesn’t read 315.5mm it still reads as 316mm (or at least it doesn’t when I do it).

What is the real dimension? Share the .skp file?

Yes so .skp and all files are attached at my first post above. Can you open them ok?

The wall 2 door cabinet is at a carcass depth entered in the DC option box at 315.5mm. However I can’t seem to get the SU & LO dims to match this; they go to 316mm.

So this isn’t really about displaying dimensions to the precision you want and it has nothing to do with LayOut. It’s about setting up a Dynamic Component.

You have a rounding function so of course it’s going to round to the nearest millimeter.
Screenshot - 11_23_2021 , 1_08_35 AM
Remove it or change it so it’ll go to the nearest 0.5mm.

You’d probably want to make the same change to LenX and Lenz.

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Thanks Dave that’s sounds like the cause!

I had no idea it would have been that “round” macro function… This macro was created with the help of another member to help me constrain the overall object mins and max dimensions, I would have never thought to look at the DC nor would have realized that’s what it was doing so thank you for teaching me something.

I’ll take a look at this when I am back at the office tomorrow morning, and update the other two LenX & LenZ attributes.

Will update you tomorrow.

Cheers Wolf

Hi Dave,

Do you happen to be an engineer? I was looking through your engineering componentry work on flickr, the level of detail in some of the engineering models are very impressive.

So removing the rounding seems to cause a broke macro of which I don’t know how to re-write to correct it, however, changing the rounding figure to 0.5 as in your example worked for the other attributes LenX & LenZ.

Thanks again, that definitely solved this issue!



Hi Wolfgang,

I have a Masters in Over-Engineering but that’s about it. :smiley:

Thank you for the compliments.

You should be able to remove the Round function but you have to make sure you clear it all out. Probably ROUND((Depth*10),0)

Hahaha over engineering, down to the DNA level so to speak!

I’m still looking through some of your work on flickr and just showing one of my colleagues your work, when I need to know how to make a thread or a machine screw, your going to be the man I contact!

Yes I tried a few variations to remove the rounding, however nothing has worked. @pcmoor is incredibly skilled in this area, he helps me with doing these. For the moment your solution worked by changing the numerical value. This is enough for me moving forward.

Let me know when your down this neck of the woods visiting your family, Ill shout you that NZ beer!

My dad was an over-engineer, too.

I’d love to take you up on that. I have relatives in Rotorua and Wellington I’d like to see. Maybe one day.

Definitely, you’ll be passing through Auckland where I live as its where our international airport is. Ill take you on a tour of some of the local fastening and hardware stores lol

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