Layout dimensioning rounding to 5mm

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Is it possible to set dimension rounding to 5mm or 10mm in Layout 2021Pro?

I did not find 5mm or 10mm nor was I able to add ‘user-defined’ as ‘precision’ to the list under file> document setup> units nor in the Dimension Style pallet.

Why I need it:
In the architectural concept phase, when the model is notional, I am happy to express dimensions in metres with precision set to 0.01m.
However on architectural construction drawings, millimeters should be used in my office.
For ‘rougher’ trades like concreting for example, a millimeter-exact length (like 4233mm) looks like a mistake. A dimension style that could be set to 5mm rounding would be preferred and professionally ‘accurate enough’ (for selected cases as I mentioned). Would save a lot of re-modelling…

P.S: I started a new topic as similar discussions seem to have elapsed. hope that`s ok?

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I don’t know if there is a way to do what you want but your screen print raises an interesting issue.

I believe Sketchup has trouble dealing with very small lengths. Yet the drop down box you show suggests it can go down to a millionth of a millimetre. It seems very unlikely it can do so in practice or that anyone using Sketchup would have any need to do so. Your “real life” scenario is something all of us in construction face.

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Whatever the trade, today’s standards usually require that you dimension to the millimeter. Using roundings usually lead to dimension strings that don’t add up. So whether it looks funny to you or not, I would just model and dimension accurately and let the builders apply their tolerances themselves.

The precision of a millionth of a unit applies to how SketchUp displays edge lengths. It does not necessarily mean that an edge could be only a few millionths long. For example, SketchUp will show that an edge is 12.345678 units long, which can be useful.

Seems like my post may have been sloppy. I just meant that I couldn’t envisage a situation where anyone using Sketchup would need accuracy at that level, even were it possible. But maybe I’m wrong. There may be some designing nano-structures that need to model them at real world scale.

Yes, full accuracy is of course the golden way forward!

Thanks for your reply.
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For what it’s worth I get the same request from earthworks/civil contractors who expect things rounded to the nearest 0.05m or 0.1m…it’s just convention.

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