Metric Rounding up Layout

Is there any functionality going to be added to round up dimensioning in Layout? It is time consuming to manually fix minor errors in dimensioning for lines that are drawn at an exact dimension in Sketchup. This is a whole number round up not a decimal place round up due to way metric plans are drawn.

Standard procedure for metric working drawings is to dimension in Millimeters and round up to the nearest 10 or 5 or 100. 1 meter is 1000mm , 10.5 meters 10’500mm and so on. Often Layout will make these 10,507 or 10,503mm instead of the drawn length, this can vary dimension to dimenson. So for three different sets of 1000mm you might get three slightly different dimensions. 10cm ie 100mm ends up at 106mm etc. Protocol dictates it is poor form to send dimensioned documents through like this to workshops/ draftsfolk to create shop drawings from. Manually going through and correcting the worst offenders in each iteration of the Layout document is not a practical workflow.

If in Layout you are snapping correctly to the geometry of the SketchUp model in the viewport then you shouldn’t be getting this problem…

also this may happen if you have length snapping turned on in SketchUp.

Metric standard isn’t mm.

Metric has no standard.

In my case everything is in m.

Can you share an example? All CAD systems deal with floating point math the same way, which includes a conversion to discrete digits at some fixed resolution. It is possible you are coming up against that limit in a way that can be fixed more generally. We have to be able to see what you’re doing, though.

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