Decimal places in dimension



In my precision list only has 0.1 and i want to use two decimal places (0.01).

How do I do that?



When the dimensions tool is activated you are able to set the dimension precision in the Window > Dimensions Style dialog.



Hi ChrisDizon,

In precision drop down arrow, under Dimension Style, only shows 1 and 0.1.

What I need is two decimal places (0.01)



Hi folks.

In the Dimension Style dialog window, the maximum decimal precision depends on the chosen unit.

  • with inches, it is 0.01
  • with feet, it is 0.001
  • with millimeters, it is 0.1
  • with centimetres it is 0.01
  • with meters, it is 0.0001
  • with points, it is 0.1

Best regards.



This is not the right way, but…
Setting Dimension Scale 10 times bigger (smaller?)
I can see the last value, so I can edit dimension text by myself. :wink:


Thank you for information provided