More accuracy with dimension tool


I need to draw more accurately in LayOut and wonder if 3 decimal point or 4 decimal point would be posit;e.



At the moment there’s no way to do this, although some people have developed work-arounds for specific situations.

I will add your +1 vote to the feature request for this.



Hi Marc,

Any idea when the 3+ decimal point for the dimension tool will be implemented?


When will the “moment” happen when I will be able to place three and four decimal point measurements using the dimension tool in Layout. At present, I have to manually insert the required measurement and this is time consuming as I have hundreds of measurements. If it can be done in SketchUp then why not in Layout?


This is a MUST as far as Im concerned. If you can add 4+ decimal places in SU then why on earth cant you detail that out in LO - very frustrating. I actually can’t believe that in MM the accuracy is only to 1 decimal place! I work for a furniture maker and need to be able to detail and dimension laminate thicknesses and offsets for CNC details. With only 1 decimal place this is impossible and as Astokes said its time consuming and inaccurate having to manually input and the subsequently update dims to work around this! I hope its sorted soon.


Hi all-

This is one of our most important long-standing feature requests.

I can’t guarantee a delivery date for this feature, but I will say that the recent implementation of persistent IDs has finally paved the way for this feature to be completed as well.

Thanks for your patience.



Hi Marc, for whatever it’s worth, I vote for the same options as in SU, so 6 decimal places for dimensions and 3 decimal places for angles. Loving the new 2017, btw; associative dimensions are the bee’s knees…