Increased precision for Measurement Tool in LayOut?

Is it possible to increase the precision of the Measurement Tool in LayOut beyond two decimal places? I need to be more accurate than two decimal places, but would like to avoid labelling each measurement individually with text. I have already checked in File -> Document Settings -> Units -> Precision. I also have checked in the default window, both are limited to this precision.

Anyone know of a way to get higher precision?

Which version of Layout are you using?

Layout 2017 allows down to 0.1mm or 0.01". Layout 2018 lets you set 0.000001mm or 0.000001".
The metric one is 1nm! I can’t imagine who would need that precision.

In Layout 2018:
Layout 2018 precision

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I am using SketchUp Pro 2017, I hadn’t realized they released SketchUp Pro 2018. However, it will not let me update to the latest version. It simply states that I am already running the latest version, maybe I will just have to do a fresh install of 2018 and do manual measurements for the time being.

Thanks for your help.


That just means you are running the latest version of SU/LO 2017. You would download and install SU/LO2018 separately.

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