Changing the decimal point in the dimensions box

I draw in SU and my measurements are to 4 decimal points. When I transfer these drawings to LO and use the dimension tool - it will only give me 2 decimal points. I click on the dimension box to highlight it (sometimes up to ten times) and then manually type in the appropriate 4 decimal point measurement that I require. Is there another way to do this as I have up to fifty measurements per drawing and it’s taking forever.

You can’t set precision any higher than what is shown in the Dimensions window in LO but you could put dimensions in Sketchup with the higher precision you need.

My dimensions ARE to 4 decimal points in SU but in LO they are 2 decimal points. If I understand your reply - are you suggesting printing my drawings directly from SU? If so - what’s the point of LO?

I don’t know how you got that but I wasn’t suggesting that at all. I was suggesting that you could add dimensions with the 4 decimal places in SketchUp instead of in LayOut.

I do that already in SU. I need 4 decimal places in LO. I have to put them in manually. Is there a faster way to do this.

No. That’s what I was telling you.

You can see the maximum precision options in the Dimension Style inspector. Depending on the units, you get either two or three places past the decimal. Increased precision has been requested but it hasn’t happened yet.

One of us is not on the same page. Your last sentence finally answered my original question.