SU adding a scene tab called "My Page" every time I open the file?

how do I shut off the feature that creates a new scene tab that says “My Page” every time I open an existing file?


I don’t know that is a “feature.” It looks like something an extension is doing. If you disable extensions and open the file, does it still happen?

I turned off all extensions and it still produced a new “My Page” scene tab…

Is it possible you have a shortcut assigned to the Add Scene command? I do not know of anything that will automatically generate a scene, but it is possible that command is bound to a key that you are hitting at some point…

SketchUp won’t natively name a scene “My Page”. There must be some extension running that does that.

it is an extension! some of them were forced back on after I disabled and blocked them.
now I guess I just turn one at a time back on till it happens again then I’m sure to fine the annoying culprit.

it was an extension for a ceiling grid generator?
who’d of figured?
Thanks Guys

Weird but happy you’ve got it sorted.