SU 2024 Zooming in

Does anyone else have the same problem in SU 2024?
I am unable to zoom right in up close without being thrown inside the piece I’m working on.
It’s fine in SU 2023 (I’ve just checked).
Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a way around it? Any settings or preferences need changing etc?


…being thrown inside the piece I’m working on… as in clipping the model?

Are you working in parallel projection?

No, I always work in perspective

Yes, and as I said, it’s fine in 2023

The camera has a “front clipping plane”. Things behind this plane (closer to or behind the camera) in the viewing direction are clipped.

In perspective projection, zooming in moves the camera forward and that can cause the view to move “inside” an object. In some cases this is desirable, for example to view inside a room or to examine the interior of an object that fails to be solid. But in other situations such as trying to zoom in very close to an edge or vertex it is a nuisance. Deciding where to place the front clipping plane is a trade off between these behaviors with no 100% solution.

In parallel projection zoom changes the magnification of the view without moving the camera, so this kind of clipping is less likely. But for the same reason it is possible to get the camera very far from the model, which causes other, more confusing, issues with the graphics.