Can't get close to my work

Despite being fairly proficient at SU. I can’t solve this problem and would appreciate your help. I can no longer get close to my work. What happens is I start to zoom in to an object and even from quite far away (1-2 meters) it goes into that mode where I’ve entered inside the object, even though I’m no where near it. This entering into the object used to happen when I was within 1-2mm of the object, but now it’s from way out. It’s been an announce and I’ve worked around it for some time, but I really need to fix this.

The things I recall did prior to this happening:
1.) I did created a bunch of animations and played with a lot of the view settings (Walk Around, etc.)
2.) I upgraded to the latest version SU Pro 17.1.173.

I’m using SU on Mac OS Sierra. Thanks for your help.

Is the model at the origin? Is the camera set to Perspective?

Thanks Dave. Yes the model is at the origin and I’m in Perspective mode.

Is there something at a long distance from the origin? What happens if you hit Zoom Extents?

Maybe you could share the SKP file? It would make it easier to identify the actual problem.

File too big to share. Your suggestions tell me I’ve not explained the problem well enough.

Let me try again. While zooming in to an object from about 1-2 meters away, I’m suddenly inside the object. I used to be able to get right on top of the object before this happened.

Hope that is clearer.

No. I got it from your earlier description. Perhaps you could upload it to the 3D Warehouse and send the link.

No, not willing to share my intellectual property. It’s my whole business model.

Sent a private message.

I notice the if I create a new model, this does not happen. Makes me think that I have changed some setting some where along the line, but what it is I have no idea.

I could tell you if I could see the SKP file. Did you look at the PM I sent?

For anyone who comes along looking for a solution to the same sort of problem, the issue was clipping due to a plane on the ground that is over 2 kilometers on a side (more than one-and-a quarter miles) and zooming in on a component that is less than 1 meter wide. Deleting the giant plane removed the clipping.

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You rock Dave!

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Hello dave could u also help me. I also cant zoom in the same as his problem

Most common issues that cause clipping during zoom:

  • Camera not in Perspective mode (Parallel Projection typically)
  • Model is far from Origin point (move model back to Origin)
  • Object in model is far from Origin point (zoom extents and remove or move anything far from origin back near origin)
  • Object in model too large (as in thread above. Remove or hide large object like huge terrain etc…)


I replied to you in the other thread.