SU 2024 does not ask to update the component file when it is changed

  • Import a component in SU2023.
  • Then modify it.
  • SU 2023 will ask you, if you want to update the file from where you loaded the component.
  • SU2024 does not ask you to update the underlying component file.

Is there a way to force SU 2024 to ask me again, if I want to update the component definition file?

2023 doesn’t ask me if I want to update the component. Can you give an example component for me to import?

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If you open SketchUp 2023 and choose an empty new file to be created, then the SketchUp model is created witht the component “Heather”.
If now you edit Heather, delete face (for instance her shirt) and exit the edit mode, then a dialog box pops up (in the bottom right corner of the screen) asking if you want to save the changes made in Heather or not.

Let me know if this does not happen on your SketchUp instance. Then I can produce a small animated gif.

Perhaps you have an extension that creates that warning. That’s not a normal SketchUp action.

I think I found it. I guess it is the Eneroth Reference manager that creates the dialog.
Thanks for the hint.

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