Deleting Previous Component from a layer

I inserted a component from file into a model in SU Make. Realising that the component needed to be modified, I deleted it from the layer. I then went back into my file and modified the component, saving it under the same name. Now whenever I try to import the modified component, the original component appears, even though when choosing the new component from file shows the correct configuration in the preview pane. Any suggestions?

Has the drawing into which you are inserting the corrected component been purged? If not the original will still be in the drawing file.

(window / Model info / Statistics / purge unused)
or look on the home tab in the components window

Brilliant, did what you suggested and it’s now gone! Thanks, something else I have learned!


The issue has nothing to do with SketchUp’s layer system.
Required reading before employing SketchUp layers:
Does SketchUp Support Layers? — SketchUp Help

No need to stop and go back into the component file.
Simply edit the component > Right context click on the component > Save As
Save it to the same directory/same name and it asks if you wish to overwrite the existing.
Much of the power of SU is within the Context Menus
Context Menus — SketchUp Help

No need to stop and import the component file.
Bring a new instance from the Components Browser and SU automatically updates the definition.
(Notice the message in the image below)
Nonetheless, it’s still good practice to purge unused stuff to avoid file bloat.
Components Browser — SketchUp Help

Hi Geo, and thanks for the help. I’ve been using components and layers but had never found the components browser. I’ve read up on the info you suggested and have a much better idea where I was going wrong. In fact I’ve been back into my drawing and sorted it out in line with your instructions.
However, there is still one issue I can’t understand from what you have provided. I edited the component in question, in the layer on the assembly drawing, and having closed the group, saved as, using the same file etc. thus updating the file on my hard drive and the component in the component browser. So that was job done. So what is meant by 'bringing the new instance etc ’ as all editing had been completed?


To become proficient with SU, you need to learn about the model managers.

Look to the top menus.
There, you’ll find SketchUp’s model settings and managers under the Window menu.
See … Model Settings and Managers — SketchUp Help

Notice those listed below stack/stick together. (image below)
Click/drag on the topmost in the stack and they conveniently move as one.
Click … Window > Hide Dialogs … to toggle them all ON/OFF at once. (Setting a shortcut is handy here)
Experiment with simple models to discover how these work:

Entity Info … (Best practice is to keep Entity Info open while modeling.)
Components Browser
Materials Browser
Styles Browser
Scenes Manager
Layers Manager
Soften Edges Dialog
Shadow Settings Dialog
Match Photo

Don’t miss setting your Preferences as well.
Application Preferences dialog box (Microsoft Windows) — SketchUp Help


Thanks for that, lots to read and absorb. Having to watch out for the bush
fires all around today though!