Cannot edit layer


New to SU.

I have created layers for each component part of a finished assembly.

But when I need to delete a line in one of the layer components to correct a misalignment the component is erased.

Any new lines I create remain, but all my previous work disappears. Am I missing some toggle that allows editing of the layer?




It sounds like you aren’t using layers correctly. You should read up on that in the help files. Layer 0 should remain the active layer at all times. ALL geometry (edges and faces) are created and remain on Layer 0. Use groups and/or components to separate geometry from other geometry. And assign only the groups or components to other layers. Do not make other layers active when editing the groups or components. There’s no need if you are using layers as they are supposed to be used.

Layers are only a visibility control property assigned to groups and components. The only “editing” you can do to a layer is change its name or color for Color by Layer display.


Also see: and go through the SketchUp Fundamentals.

Your use of the terms “layer” and “component” suggests to me that you may not be clear on what these words mean in SketchUp and how the associated items are used. As the others have said, a good start would be to review the fundamentals. Then if you are still having trouble, post here again, if possible sharing a model that illustrates the problem.


Yes I am still learning, diving in at the deep end does not help.

Double left click threw me for a bit.