SU 2023 File won't save - Windows

I get an error code when I try to save a file in SU 2023. The folder where this file is located in on DB. This is a new issue for the 2023 version. I did not have this issue on the older version I was using. This does not allow me to update my file in layout or save any of my current progress unless I save to a new file. Please help.

This has been a thing for some users for many years. Try changing the name of the folder from "Sketch-up Files to SketchUp Files. (there’s no hyphen in SketchUp anyway. Or give the file another name. Get rid of the hyphen in the file name.

On my machine this happens when a certain rendering application has been running from the particular SketchUp model file. It’s done it for more than a decade. I seem to wind up with files that have a 0 appended to the name in addition to my original one.

What extensions are you running?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the response, but I have removed all hyphens from the file path and still get the same error message. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling recently as well. Does an underscore cause the same issue?


I haven’t seen any problems with underscores.

Try saving it into a local folder instead of to DropBox. (I didn’t catch that part of the path before.) In general it’s not a wise idea to be working on and saving directly to a cloud location anyway.

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Hi Dave,

Maybe this is a reflection of my understanding of using a cloud but would I have to upload my files to dropbox all the time to keep them current on the cloud. This has not been an issue in the past, why is it suddenly a problem now with a new version?

You would need to sync your files to DropBox but by saving them locally you aren’t depending on 100% uptime your internet connection so less likely to have corrupted files. If you’ve never had any issues with corrupted files when working directly to the cloud, I would suggest you go out and buy some lottery tickets. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence here on the forum of users losing their work because they were working on.

This save message is indicating that there’s something preventing the file from being saved to the location you have selected.

Why are you using DropBox? You have unlimited Trimble Connect storage with your SketchUp subscription. You could be publishing your files to Trimble Connect (in addition to saving them locally). Take a look at how working with files saved to Trimble Connect are dealt with. When you open a file from Trimble Connect it first gets downloaded into a temp folder on your computer. Saves and autosaves get done to that folder. When you publish the file to Trimble Connect it gets uploaded to the cloud but not until then. Also, every time you publish the file to Trimble Connect you automatically get an incremental save meaning you can always go back to an earlier version if needed.

Would it be better to run this folder locally and use a backup to DB rather than sync to my hard drive?

Yes. As long as you’re saving to an internal drive.

@skwiens , This is how I manage my files with OneDrive, it would be exactly the same for you but with Dropbox.

Thanks PaulRussam, are you still able to collaborate with others? It seems like the backup option provides a data flow from my computer to DB but does not synch colleague’s work to the same folder. Is this correct?