Su 2018 crashes once the material editor for vray 3.6 is clicked

Hello guys, I’m using SketchUp 2018, 2015 , I installed vray 3.6 but once I try to open the material editor for vray I get a bugsplat. I just got the system I’m using, so I tried to update the graphics cards for both nvidea n Intel but to no avail, right now I’m using vray 1.6 on SketchUp 2013, because that is de only version that can work with the laptop
The laptop is an Asus ROG Strix 2019 model with 6gb graphics nvidea, 8 GB ram. Pls anything I can do to help solve this problem

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was it a new system?

Did you get the bugsplat before installing this version?

Always use ‘Rightclick on the installer file and choose the Run as Administrator method’ for SketchUp and V-Ray.

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What does “to no avail” mean ? Did you have problems updating the drivers ?

Did you verify which GPU that SketchUp is trying to use via the Preferences dialog, it’s OpenGL panel and the “Graphics Card Details” messagebox ?


When the messagebox has focus, you can copy (and image of) it (to the clipboard) by pressing ALT+PrintScreen, then come into a new forum post and click where you wish to insert the image, and press CTRL+V.

Thanks guys for the swift reply, I just decided to try n install vray next and it’s working smoothly, it is as though the laptop wanted a higher version, really loving the output thus far. Thanks :+1: guys, really appreciate

Thanks man for your response, I however installed Vray next and it’s working smoothly, it’s as though the laptop needed a higher version. Thanks :+1:

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