SU 2017 Follow me difference

Here is a simple solid 3/4" X 2" X 16" with a cove cut using follow me the path will ultimately be 3 edges. For now to reduce the problem I’m going with just 1 edge. Furthermore I can do this with a ruby script or using the Sketchup tool - same results.

With SU 2016 I get this.

With SU 2017 I get this.

I came up with this little bit of code. The cutter is the cove profile face. This solution should work fine in older versions of sketchup.

  if (! cutter.deleted? )
    e = []
    cutter.edges.each{ |edge| e << edge if (edge.faces.length == 1) }
    grp.entities.erase_entities(e) if (e.length > 0)