SU 2016 Pro locked up computer without bugsplat - how best to recover?

I was working on a very small model (in terms of size 340KB, and statistics 3000 edges, 1000 faces, and 91 component instances. No textures), and had just chosen the Mirror tool (TIG’s Mirror plugin) and was picking the mirror plane axes when SU froze with spinning rainbow wheel.

iMac Retina 5K, El Capitan 10.11.6, SU Pro 16.1.1451. No new plugins, no recent updates that I’m aware of to drivers, and I’d been working without issue yesterday for several hours.

No bugsplat, but the whole computer froze. Couldn’t even get to Force Quit with R-click on SU icon.

Eventually, after waiting several minutes with nothing responding at all, I had to hit the power switch.

Fortunately, I had AutoSave running as normal, and I lost only about 10 minutes of work.

Is there any other way on Mac of forcing a program to close?

My one and only advice is … save often. You should have a backup of the file on relaunch, save then. Good luck!

Yes, I did open the Auto save file when computer restarted, and saved it back to the original model name.

Just wondering if there’s any way to get at ‘Force quit’ when most of the computer goes unresponsive, short of (what I did) hitting the power off switch.

Well, if you are into the propellor-beanie side of things and if you can get a Terminal window open:


ps -eaf | grep SketchUp

That will return two lines, one for SketchUp and one for the grep command. Look at the second number in the SketchUp line, that will be the process number, for example in:

501 797 1 0 3:26PM ?? 0:05.08 /Applications/SketchUp 2016/

797 is the process number.

Then type (where you use your process number, not my 797)

kill -9 797

Thanks. If it happens again, I’ll try that - if I can get Terminal to